Icons And Free Wallpapers For Your Mobile For A Limited Time

Not only apps or games live smartphone enthusiasts, but also the different packs of icons and wallpapers that give a unique personality to our mobile. That is the case of the free icons and wallpapers that we bring you today, and that would normally be paid.

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Yesterday we reviewed the main games for our Android mobile that we could enjoy on our Android phone, and for which we would normally have to pay.

Free Wallpapers, Sunoi – Icon Pack

A pack of icons designed with Full HD resolution. In this pack, there are more than 1350 icons that we can load with the main launcher of the market. The design of the icons is quite cool and attractive, so they can give a different touch to our smartphone.

Sweetbo – Icon Pack

Icons with a very careful appearance, semi-oval and with shadows that give these icons a depth as if they were 3D icons. They also have Full HD resolution and the number of available icons is over 1350, so we have for most of the apps that we have installed on our mobile.

Wavic – Icon Pack

These Wavic icons have an alternative design of the most colorful. The icons in this collection are characterized by pretty synthetic graphics, which use silhouettes and fluorine colors to give a very different touch to our desktop. They also have Full HD resolution and more than 1350 different icons.

HD Wallpapers Pro

In this case, we bring you an app full of high-resolution wallpapers for our smartphone. These wallpapers have full HD resolution, and with the app, we have access to more than ten thousand high-resolution screen backgrounds. Wallpapers among which we can find dozens of different themes, from landscapes, nature to animals or geometric shapes.

CrapCons Icon Pack

The striking thing about these icons is that they have been created by hand, and they boast of being a pack of crappy icons to give a colourful touch to our smartphone. Some 2,500 icons that are also accompanied by 30 high-definition wallpapers, ideal to complement these “crappy icons”

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