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Part of the Yum! Food group, Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant that offers a wide variety of Mexican food from tacos and nachos to burritos, chalupas and salads. With more than 5,200 restaurants in the United States, Taco Bell is the ideal place to buy take-away food or to eat something fast.


Tell the Bell

Tell Taco Bell about your visit to one of its restaurants and help them to know what their expectations are regarding their service and their food, also make any suggestions for improvement. Participate in the survey in English or Spanish and you can win a $ 500 grand prize or an iPad. Gane $ 500 or an iPad

Complete the Tell the Bell survey by visiting and filling in the store number that appears on your purchase receipt. Taco Bell appreciates your sincere opinion and in gratitude for taking the time to give your opinion, will enter the weekly raffle to win an iPad or $ 500.

About the Tell the Bell survey
Taco Bell website:
Prizes: $ 500 or an iPad
English Survey: Tell the Bell Survey

What Objectives Should An Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Have?

In addition to knowing the level of satisfaction of our customers and getting the information necessary to keep them satisfied, these surveys also seek to understand their needs, the factors that strengthen the relationship with them and detect specific areas for improvement. Thanks to them, customers feel that they are part of a continuous process of improvement, that their opinion is useful to us, so they become a very conducive vehicle to encourage fluid communication with them. But not only that: they will also help us retain customers who already trust us and attract new ones.

The information we collect through this Customer Satisfaction SurveysIt helps us give the customer the experience he expects and deserves. However, measuring satisfaction rates is a task that is not always easy since the information we are looking for is normally related to the different sections of each company or to specific situations.

What we have to be clear about is that these surveys should always be understood as a two-way communication mechanism.; as continuous feedback based on permanent feedback. The topic or area in which the survey is focused should not influence this aspect. To begin working on it, the first necessary step will be to design a briefing or starting point document in which we will specify the action and provide it with a temporal, economic and resource sense. This briefing must include, at a minimum, the following points:

  • A detailed description of the action.
  • Definition of the public we want to address.
  • The support and platform through which we are interested in launching the survey.
  • The specific objectives we pursue.
  • Measurement and monitoring indicators.
  • Timming in which we will indicate a start date and an end date.
  • The budget to spend.
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