Online Tests To Check Your Speed When Typing With The Keyboard

In the days before computers, when texts were written on typewriters, typing was important and even part of the curriculum, since writing as many words per minute as possible meant being more efficient and productive.

Free Typing Software

With computers and the Internet, typing has fallen, in part, into oblivion, and while it is still possible to find software and web tools with which to practice our writing and check our speed when typing on the keyboard, a way to improve the most common tasks in any situation.

Here is a selection of online tests that will serve as proof of your typing skills. How many words are you able to write per minute without making a mistake? Is it a good figure or could you improve?


In the network, we will find pages with which to practice typing with varied exercises. An example is AgileFingers, available in several languages ​​and that will help us to write with the keyboard efficiently and correctly. That is, fast and without errors.

But what interests us in this article is its Exam section, which serves to evaluate our typing skills. Through four different tasks, we will check the speed and accuracy. Two tasks consist of whole texts and the other two in random words and words with numbers.

In addition, we can specify the time of each task between half a minute and an hour. It will depend on the time we have or the desire to type at maximum speed. In any case, it is possible to repeat the tasks as many times as we want.

Key Hero Typing Test

Available in several languages, Key Hero Typing Test is a practical online test that will measure our words per minute, our average (in case of repeating the test) and the percentage of accuracy.

As its rules indicate, if we make mistakes we can correct them or move on. In addition, we will see at all times the timer, which will not start until we press the Start button.

The test consists of a small piece of text that we must write with the keyboard as quickly as possible without making mistakes. In the end, we will see the result and we can repeat again.

10FastFingers Typing Test

Available in several languages, including Spanish, English, Catalan or Galician, 10FastFingers will allow us to check how fast we type with the keyboard.

Typing Speed Test

The Typing Test basically consists of a piece of text in the chosen language that we must write at the maximum possible speed without making mistakes. The test lasts one minute, and at the end, we will get the result: beats per minute, words per minute, accuracy, correct words and incorrect words.

To add a little competitiveness, under the test we will see the list of scores of other users. So we will know if we are average or not.

ARTypist Speed ​​Test

Available in English, Spanish and Catalan, ARTypist has a practical typing course, typing games to practice playing and, of course, a Speed ​​Test.

Its operation is very simple. Indicates the time in seconds, the speed in words per minute and the percentage of accuracy. And as an incentive, the chosen texts have been extracted from Wikipedia, so we will learn interesting facts and curiosities while checking our speed with the keyboard.

Optionally, we can register and repeat the test as many times as we want. In addition, we can compare our results with those of other users in the list of Best and Fastest.

Typing Test

Another way to check our speed and accuracy is with the Typing Test, which allows you to test our typing in several languages, including English and Spanish, and with a test duration of between 1 and 5 minutes.

The test consists of transcribing a random text inside a blank box. At the top right, we will see the remaining time to finish the test and the number of errors. When finished, we will know if we have been successful.

In addition to the online test, this page also has tips, exercises, games and other helpful elements to practice typing from our browser.

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